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"Bela, you have an absolutely beautiful glow and spirit about you!  And that, coupled with the incredible passion you have to share your powerful and much needed message with world, is very inspiring!  You and your magic will surely make the world a much better place!  Bill and I are so grateful to have heard your amazing message in Necker Island!  THANK YOU!!" 

Lisa Reynaldo, CA



“Bela’s information gave me some excellent tools and specific strategies that I could implement right away to help me get the most of out my efforts in business and in my relationship. Thank you Bela!”

- Pam Viveiros, ThinkTech Computers, Inc, New Bedford, MA


"Thanks for touching our lives.  Bela, your seminar had us go through exercises that helped us see our own worth and beauty and we realize what incredible value we can offer to others including our family."

- Edna & Warren, Regina, Canada


"Look up 'love' in the dictionary, and you'll see Bela's smiling face.  This woman radiates love.  In less than an hour, Bela gave me specific real world strategies for experiencing more love in my life immediately, which in turn has made me more effective in my business.  Thank you, Bela!"

- PJ V., Real Prosperity Inc.,Walnut Creek, CA

"If the medium is the message, Bela Patel Sheth is the perfect vessel to share about Love and Success. She IS the message!"

- Donna Kim-Brand, Globalearning Network LLC, West Palm Beach, FL



"When you first meet Bela you can see in her smile a certain peace and sincerity about her.  You're compelled to know her not only because of her outer beauty but also because of the inner beauty that is genuinely reflected in that smile.  You can feel the warmth and the love she has to give.  When you don't even know her yet, you have to wonder what secret she must know to be so happy.  I haven't known Bela for very long and what I do know is that she knows exactly how to help you find the love you are missing in your life and how it can make you very happy."

- Stephanie Miles, Fort Lauderdale, FL


"Bela taught me to really appreciate and love all the amazing qualities that make me a beautiful person. She reminded me to love myself first, and now I can love others more deeply.  Thank you, Bela, for giving back to me something I had almost forgotten about-me."

- Bren L., San Diego, CA


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