"Author, speaker, trainer Bela Patel Sheth poignantly reminds us in her book, A Bella Life, that our choices have the power to shape and determine our destiny. Bela painstakingly walks us through her own personal journey that has given her tremendous insight on how we too can have a bella life. As she writes, her life changing words jump out of the pages and give life to the reader. She teaches us not only how to love, live, and let live, but also how we can maximize our own potential and manifest the greatness within."

- Les Brown, Motivational Speaker, Best-Selling Author & Entrepreneur




"In A Bella Life, the passion & beautiful positive energy generated is contagious and will leave you inspired to begin creating your own bella life! My friend, Bela shares her heart and soul so that you can learn the secrets to creating a beautiful life for yourself."

- Sandy Grason, Rock Star Author, Int’l Speaker & Hot Mogul!




"A Bella Life by Bela Patel Sheth is an amazing book, filled with golden nuggets of wisdom shared by a beautiful (Bela) human being. Want to create a life filled with inner peace, beauty, personal power and abundance? Then this book is for you. You'll feel as though you've met both a wise teacher and new friend."

- Bob Burg, Speaker & Co-Author of The Go-Giver




"I know why Bela’s parents named her as they did. They took out the 2nd 'L' knowing Bela would put it in front of 'L'ove, and spread more than she was born with. In A Bella Life she masterfully does just that, showing that through the power of love we can create the beautiful life of our dreams."

- Frank McKinney, Daredevil Real Estate Artist & 5x Bestselling Author, including The Tap






"Bela's book is INCREDIBLE!!! I am a VORACIOUS reader, and before A Bella Life, I would have had to read 8-10 books to learn the same amount about Prosperity!! All other books on Prosperity are technical in nature, and while extremely informative, fall short of Bela's accomplishment in A Bella Life. Her writing style conveys an unconditional love to the reader on an emotional and spiritual level unmatched by ANY other Prosperity literature. With every sentence, she walks the talk of her philosophy, leading by example. I would compare it to the 'Full Immersion' method of learning a new language versus vocabulary memorization. Her book should be required reading for LIFE 101!!!"

- David Faulkner, Entrepreneur, Nashville, TN






“I highly recommend getting Bela’s book, A Bella Life and learning from her today! For those of you who are just now beginning your journey of self-discovery, it is a great resource for learning ways to find the inner peace and happiness for which you are searching. For those who have already discovered some of her secrets, this book is a great reminder and tool for continued motivation - we all need to stay in practice! A Bella Life is a book that is going to stay on my night side table as source to return to easily whenever I need a boost of confidence, ideas for meditation, or a refresher on how to change my perspective on those days when things get extra challenging."

- Stephanie Miles, Entrepreneur, Fort Lauderdale, FL




“In A Bella Life, Bela powerfully reminds us that we all have the choice every single day to create the life of our dreams. She gives simple guidance that we can start applying immediately to create our lives on purpose. Her book is extremely positive, uplifting, and will leave you feeling like you too can have a bella life!”

- Dr. Eric Lampinstein, Miami Beach, FL





"I had the pleasure of meeting Bela in person and it is obvious that she lives and breathes the ideas she shares in A Bella Life. This book is a true testament of how positive thinking can really work for you! Right now! The ideas she shares about focusing on the light within each of us is so powerful. Often times people forget the power their attitude has on their lives. A Bella Life helps remind us that there is a light within all of us and it is just waiting to shine! The minute I picked this book up I couldn’t put it down and when I did finish, I wanted to go share her ideas with all the people in my life!"

- Mel Frontino-Bergeron, Houston, TX



"If you’re looking for light at the end of the tunnel, just take one look at Bela’s smile and there it is. In her book, A Bella Life, you can follow her light to a new awareness and understanding of how we all are vulnerable to outside influences that create darkness within our minds. Bela's spirit shines through the printed word, enlightening her readers with teachings that allow us to understand how to take control of awareness of thought, and bring light to darkness. Anyone who reads this book will be touched by Bela's love, and influenced from her knowledge. Bela has a special talent for sharing her energy with everyone. I'm very grateful to have made such a wonderful friend and mentor."

- Jody Weisner, Entrepreneur, Greenville, SC





"A Bella Life written by my friend & mentor, Bela, is one of the most inspiring and enlightening books I've ever read. Reading this book has truly opened my eyes to a world of beauty, light, pureness, love, and all of the possibilities available for me. It helped me to find happiness in my inner world which then created an even more beautiful outer world for me. 

It also helped me to see the world and my surroundings objectively and gave me the understanding and confidence that I am in charge of everything I feel.

Every time I pick it up, it helps to get me back to that feeling of sweet happiness for which I've searched for so long. I finally feel at ease and peace with myself and everything around me. It truly helped me in my journey of emotional healing. Thank you Bela!"

- Tugba Ercan, Model, Miami, FL  



 "A Bella Life has inspired me immensely. After reading about her incredible journey, I am confident that I can use the tools Bela provides to make a beautiful transformation in my own life.  Her insights will enlighten you on how to flow with the universe and tap into its abundance. She truly comes full circle, with a piece of literature that is bold, balanced and overall...Bella!"

- Josh Rivero, LMT, Miami, FL




"I love the book A Bella Life! It is positive, inspiring, motivating & is a great encouragement for a better way of thinking. Bela shares in her own journey of how choices in life can make for a happier &  healthier future and makes it easy to understand how we can adopt these galvanising insights to our own life. It is a book that can be read many times over and each time it will keep our spirits lifted!!!"

- Audra Marsh, Ft. Lauderdale, FL






“Contemplating a small crossroads in life can be challenging for the best of us, while a major intersection can be daunting. All too many of us find ourselves motionless in the center of an intersection, perhaps overwhelmed and unable to act in our own best interests. Bela and her book, A Bella Life will help you choose the path right for you and once you have, will illuminate it with love, compassion, happiness and an infectious will to get the very utmost out of your life, your bella life.”

- David Bolger, Owner - Organics Corner, Los Angeles, CA

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