A Bella Life Mastery Club

Start living the beautiful life that you deserve right now!

Here Are All of the Exciting Club Benefits You Will Receive!



~ A Bella Life book - the limited edition advanced galley printed copy ($30.00 value)



~ Enjoy 24 coaching sessions, a live 45 minute group club call with me twice per month during which we will review a chapter of the book. You will be given a deeper understanding as to how to apply the bella principles covered in that chapter to your life & action steps that you can start to take immediately that will help you to create powerful transformations in your life. You will also have the ability to ask questions so that you can really apply all of it to you & your life!

Calls are held on the 2nd & 4th Mondays of each month @ 8pm EST. 


Special Bonuses:


~ E-mails twice per month with the new chapter we will be covering attached as a PDF file so that you can read and/or review it wherever you are!


 ~ Digital recordings of all of the calls so that if you miss a call, you will have access to it and/or have it available whenever you need a little extra reinforcement on that topic!


Extra Special Bonuses That You Will Also Receive!!  



~ MP3 audiobook version of A Bella Life as soon as it is available. You can download it to a CD to play in your car or to your ipod/mp3 player to have anywhere! ($30 Value)



~ For the first 40 people who register, A copy of T Harv Eker’s Secrets of the Millionaire Mind book ($19.95 value) which also includes a complimentary Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar tuition ticket ($1,295 Value) - an amazing seminar that helped me immensely with prosperity mindset!




~ Bela’s Top 10 Ways to Get & Stay Happy daily reinforcement list - to keep hanging on your wall in a very visible place! (Value = Priceless!)




 ~ The ebook version of the classic, Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

  (Value = Wisdom!)




 ~ Invitations to all "It's A Bella Life!" book launch parties - I may be coming to a city near you soon! (The last one was at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino - open bar for 2 hours!) Opportunities to meet, network, have fun & celebrate our bella lives!! (Value = Fun!)


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Many have told me that the price of this package should really be at least 5 times the amount it's selling for now. It’s simply THAT valuable. I have decided to have this introductory pricing to make this information accessible to all of you because I know so many of you really want & need it right now. I want as many people as possible to get access to this critical material. So come join me NOW before the club gets full or prices go up - I really want to help support you to create the beautiful life of your dreams!


It IS possible to create the life you want . . . but you must start at the beginning. A Bella Life Masery Club will help you to build a more solid foundation, no matter where you are in your life right now.


I can't wait to start this Exciting New Adventure with you!!  



I know you're saying to yourself, "I am ready to start this new adventure to create the bella life of my dreams! What is my investment to be a part of this amazing club?"


You will be amazed at this incredible deal!! First, here's a summary of all of the amazing value that you receive: 










Total Package Value Over $3,074.95


Regular Price $500.00



      For 12 Full Months of Coaching!!

  Get Started NOW! You Deserve a Bella Life!!


 For the 4 payment option, click here

              4 monthly payments of only $79.97

(Payments charged automatically to your credit card monthly)


Or you can join the club on an a la carte basis:


A Bella Life Printed Book Plus A Three Session Package

Only $74.94 (Plus shipping & handling)




Purchase A Three Session Package for Only $49.97


(Please note: All a la carte packages do not include the T. Harv Eker bonus gifts.) 



“Bela’s information gave me some excellent tools and specific strategies that I could implement right away to help me get the most of out my efforts in business and in my relationship. Thank you Bela!”

- Pam Viveiros, ThinkTech Computers, Inc, New Bedford, MA


"Thanks for touching our lives.  Bela, your seminar had us go through exercises that helped us see our own worth and beauty and we realize what incredible value we can offer to others including our family."

- Edna & Warren, Regina, Canada


"Look up 'love' in the dictionary, and you'll see Bela's smiling face.  This woman radiates love.  In less than an hour, Bela gave me specific real world strategies for experiencing more love in my life immediately, which in turn has made me more effective in my business.  Thank you, Bela!"

- PJ V., Real Prosperity Inc.,Walnut Creek, CA

"If the medium is the message, Bela Patel Sheth is the perfect vessel to share about Love and Success. She IS the message!"

- Donna Kim-Brand, Globalearning Network LLC, West Palm Beach, FL


"Bela taught me to really appreciate and love all the amazing qualities that make me a beautiful person. She reminded me to love myself first, and now I can love others more deeply.  Thank you, Bela, for giving back to me something I had almost forgotten about-me."

- Bren L., San Diego, CA


© 2009 Jyote Bela Patel Sheth LLC

Create A Bella Life Enterprises

Create the Beautiful Life of Your Dreams!

Love, Laugh, Give, & Most of All, Have Fun!

My passion is really to help you to create everything that you want in your life - to help you to master the Bella Principles that are going to bring more love, happiness, fun, peace & abundance into your life as quickly as possible!


  • How would you like to really learn & then be able to apply the powerful tools, techniques, skills, attitudes & beliefs that will help you to build a solid foundation & create the beautiful life of your dreams?    


  • How would you like a new perspective that will enable you to live more powerfully than ever before & create amazing new transformations in your life?


  • How would you like an enthusiastic coach there for you on a regular basis guiding you through your challenges and moving you along to create the beautiful life of your dreams?


When you join this powerful club, you will have access to all of the vital information that is going to help you to create amazing transformations in your life & the lives around you. You will also have live access to me for 24 sessions, twice per month! I will be here to guide you through your challenges and really support you in applying to your life the principles & concepts that I write about in my book, A Bella Life.

Every 2 weeks we will review a chapter of the book together so that you will have a more comprehensive understanding on how you can really live these principles. As we all realize, knowledge is only power if you apply it! You can have all of the knowledge in the world, but if you don't take that next step to apply the knowledge to improve your life, you will remain stuck in the same place or move at an agonizingly slow pace forever. Is this what you want? Of course you don't!!

I remember reading numerous books in the past and while they helped, I didn't start seeing massive transformations in my life until I started participating in coaching programs, workshops & seminars. If you want different results than those that you have been getting, you must join this program! You can start living the amazing bella life of your dreams starting now! I am right here for you. And we will have lots of fun along the way - I promise!!

Click here to Join A Bella Life Mastery Club RIGHT NOW!

It's a very exciting time in the economy currently! And the people who know how to easily adapt to new challenges are going to thrive & become massively successful! I love new challenges & can help you to powerfully overcome them! I want to help you to be able to maximize on all of the available opportunities that you have - so that you can start to create more abundance in your life & the lives around you immediately!  

A Bella Life - Special Limited Edition Advance Galley Copy 

$30.00 value 

24 A Bella Life Mastery Club Group Coaching Call Sessions  

$1,200.00 value 

Digital MP3 Recordings of All of the Calls   

 $500.00 value 

A Bella Life - Audio book (MP3)

 $30.00 value 

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind Book by T. Harv Eker

$19.95 value 

Tuition for the 3 Day Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar

$1,295.00 value 

Plus the other valuable bonuses above that are priceless!