About Bela

Bela was born in London. Her parents immigrated to the US when she was 5 years old and bought a motel in Wrightstown, NJ. There she grew up "on the motel" as their house was built right into the middle of the motel. They were there 24/7, working and living. It was kind of like growing up "on the farm" - but with all of the motel work instead: cleaning dirty rooms, doing the laundry, sweeping the parking lot, shoveling the snow, mowing the 4 acres of lawn, doing all of the renovations - all of it. Her father's work ethic was work hard because money is scarce. In fact, she grew up thinking they were poor most of the time. He also had a very violent temper, so Bela, her mother, sister and brother all walked around on eggshells at home. It was a challenging childhood - full of lots of fear, uncertainty, abuse & pain. Now she understands that he did the best he could with what he knew and so much of his hard work was intended to make their lives better. Unfortunately at the time, with a child's mind, she thought "If my own father doesn't love me, who will?" So she grew up very shy - afraid to build relationships with people and get too close - what if they hurt her too? Walls were built and the love was hidden away. She wanted to love - she just couldn't... for a long time... not until she was able to understand, let go of her past, forgive and learn how to love again. In doing that, she found the real Bela - along with her self-esteem and her power.


And that's what she wants to share with others - to teach them to reveal their inner light and beauty. Now her life is full of love and power! She's the happiest she's ever been and everyday she has the feeling of being in love - with herself, her life and the world. She has extraordinary relationships with her loving family (her cute little dad too!), amazing friends and her wonderful husband! It has been a long tumultuous road from depression to now living the life of her dreams. She wants to share her joy with the world - she wants to share what she has learned so that other children and adults can learn to break down the barriers and love again and fill their lives with happiness, laughter, fun, success, beauty, peace, and abundance! She now knows that we all have the power to create whatever lives we believe are possible for us. The only limitations that we have are the ones we create for ourselves. If we control our thoughts and emotions then we will control our reality. Her mission is to empower millions of people to live a life they love and are passionate about. She loves her life and she loves all of you. She believes that we are all connected and wants to create more positive energy in our world. She wants all of us to let our light shine bright - the beauty and love that we were all born with. She wants a bella life for everyone - a beautiful life full of everything that you want!

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