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Welcome to my Bella blog! Thank you for visiting. Thank you for opening your mind and your heart. Thank you for being open enough to maybe looking at things in a different light then you may have before. What I share here is from deep within my heart, my soul… some things that I thought I would never reveal to others. And I think sometimes it comes from some universal wisdom to which I am magically able to connect. At times I don’t know where it all comes from – it just comes to me & through me. I believe that it is a gift & it must be shared. So I share it with you here and in my book, A Bella Life. Because I care. I truly do care about you. I want you to be as happy & peaceful as I feel right now. I want you to live in abundance – abundance of joy, love, peace & everything else that you desire to have in your life. And there is a reason why you were brought here to this site. You are meant to read these messages – right now.

This is divine intervention…

Please always feel free to leave comments, thoughts & opinions. I would love to hear from you and receive your wisdom, support & love as well. Thank you! Make it a bella day!!! XOXO

Love & Light,


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