My New Book: A Bella Life

A Bella Life

A Bella Life

I’m so excited to share my new book with you! A Bella Life is not about me, it’s all about you!

I share my heart and soul to help you to create the beautiful life of your dreams! I will help you to gain a new perspective that will enable you to live your life more powerfully than ever before! I reveal the most amazing principles and techniques that I have learned, which have been so very helpful to me in creating my beautiful life! I am sure they will be helpful to you as well – to help you to create A Bella Life – the beautiful life of your dreams!

Go here now to get your copy of A Bella Life! This limited edition advance galley copy will not be available much longer! And hurry to receive the extra bonuses!

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Les Brown & BelaTestimonial by Les Brown

“Author, speaker, trainer Bela Patel Sheth poignantly reminds us in her book, A Bella Life, that our choices have the power to shape and determine our destiny. Bela painstakingly walks us through her own personal journey that has given her tremendous insight on how we too can have a bella life. As she writes, her life changing words jump out of the pages and give life to the reader. She teaches us not only how to love, live, and let live, but also how we can maximize our own potential and manifest the greatness within.”

~ Les Brown, Motivational Speaker, Best Selling Author & Entrepreneur

My FREE Gift To You!

My gift to you from my heart in this turbulent environment:

Go here NOW to download a FREE chapter from my new book, A Bella Life. I wanted to give away a chapter that would really be helpful for people right now.

Are you feeling a little stress and anxiety at the moment?

Are you a little bit worried about what’s going on?

Do you even find yourself paralyzed by fear sometimes?

Then this chapter will be perfect for you. It’s entitled Peace - as the name implies, it’s all about creating more peace in your life and minimizing stress. I know this will help you to get into a place of calm productivity - which is the state of mind we need to be in to create all of the beautiful abundance that is out there for all of us!

Why wait? Go here to get started back onto your road to peace and abundance RIGHT NOW.

I look forward to supporting you in creating the bella life of your dreams!

See you soon!!

Love & Light,


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