Like A Phoenix Rising From the Ashes…

Time to Start Blogging Again:

Wow, I can’t believe that it’s been over 2 years since I last updated my blog. So much has happened… I needed to step away from developing my business to handle some big life changes & challenges occurring for me. To be an empowerment specialist & a life coach, I thought it was crucial for me to get my life back into order first. It was an integrity issue for me – I always want to be authentic & I certainly didn’t want to be hypocritical. And honestly, I really needed the time & space…

So what happened, you may be wondering? Well, some of you who are connected to me on Facebook may know most of this, but if you don’t, here it is: I separated from my husband, my best friend had a serious stroke & I spent almost 5 months in Charlotte helping her to recover; one of my closest cousins/friends was diagnosed with a serious illness & I spent lots of time with her in Philadelphia helping her to deal with that; a very good friend from college had a 3 year old daughter that was facing a serious battle with leukemia & I spent almost 2 months in California with them & their other 2 kids helping them as much as I could; I got divorced; I moved back to NJ to live with my family; I spent 5 months helping my brother with his struggling business; I claimed bankruptcy; had a bit of a breakdown & spent 6 months in hibernation – reading, writing & just being; & now I’m trying to figure out how to create a steady source of income while staying true to my heart. So as you can see, there’s been a lot going on. I just needed some time to help those I wanted to be there for & to get myself through it all & be able to catch my breath – and as you can imagine, it was quite a roller coaster ride!!

One thing that I know for sure is that I want to stay in this arena of helping to empower & inspire people who really do want to create transformation in their lives… to have more bliss, more peace, more love, better health, more abundance… all of it. I certainly have learned a lot through all of these new experiences & have so much more that I want to share to help others get through their life challenges as well. The biggest lesson that I’ve learned is that no matter what you are going through, even if it’s the biggest storm you have ever had to weather – hold on & have faith… keep looking towards the light & stay open to love & it will all work out beautifully… eventually.

I’m finally feeling really good again & it’s time for me to get back to helping to empower & inspire! Please stay connected as I will be sharing many more of the lessons that I have learned with all of you through my new blogs. Meanwhile, be well & be happy :-)

And I will be like the phoenix rising from the ashes…

Love & Light,

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