Are You Asking for Help?

Here’s Video Blog # 6 from my series

“An Avalanche of Challenges… Lessons Confirmed!!”

Here is the next Valuable Lesson that I want to share with you:

Sometimes we get stuck in our challenges. This is the 5th important step to get unstuck:

Ask For Help!

(More goodies later, so come back soon for the rest of the valuable lessons! All on helping you to get unstuck when you’re facing challenges!)

Also please leave me your comments – I would love to hear your thoughts…

I need your energy too! :-)

Many times we get so caught up in our challenges & feel we have to handle everything on our own. The truth is that you don’t. Make sure you ask for help when you need it. I know that there are so many people in your life right now who would love to help & support you, so ask them. And then get ready to receive!! Master the universal law of receptivity!! Be open to receiving & then allow all of the good from others & the universe to flow to you!

Ps. Please feel free to share this with anyone else you know who is experiencing some challenges right now. And please leave me some comments – I want to hear from you my friends!

Love & Light,

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3 Responses to “Are You Asking for Help?”

  1. 1

    [...] it because they are not talking to me one on one or even know what is going on with me at the time (see example here).  I really do not like to show weakness in myself. I very stubbornly do a lot by myself and [...]

  2. 2

    ow, you aren’t kidding, I hear you in all of this! I too feel like Ms. Independence and the truth is I believe people have been put in our lives for a reason. And one of those very important reasons is so that we can share, give, receive and accept. So that we don’t feel alone, abandoned, confused and stuck. What I wonder is why so many of us have a problem with receiving? I have learned to work on this the hard way. With my heart problem there are times I can’t even move and I have to ask for the simplest thing. Move my arm please, help me sit up please, bring me my daughter so I may hug her please, etc. It has been humbling to have to rely on others, but it has also taught me so very much. So I agree! WE MUST OPEN UP and RECEIVE!!!! Not just give.

    As for the people on FB. I too am amazed at the warmth and love. I sometimes wonder why the closeness and honesty that is often difficult to find in real life, we can find on here. Whatever the reason, it is a blessing I am happy to RECEIVE! lol ; )

    I do have some thing to give you. I want to give you my friendship, my love and my acceptance. I want you to know that I respect and admire your heart so much. I want you to know that whatever you need, whenever, I am HERE FOR YOU. You are a wonderous woman! Thank you my darling, for being such an UNBELIEVABLE FRIEND!!

  3. 3

    Thank you so much for the “timely” vlog….it was needed!

    Please continue to be all that you are!

    Much respect, Judy

    *Please note…new website will be released really soon…

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