My Amazing Birthday Sunrise!

Hello my beautiful friends! I just wanted to share the amazing beauty & power of my birthday sunrise. Let’s always remember to celebrate each beautiful day we have as a gift! Sending you much love & light always! Enjoy!!

Always With Love & Peace,

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3 Responses to “My Amazing Birthday Sunrise!”

  1. 1

    Beautiful as always Bela. I can always count on you to share the beauty and wonder in the world. :)

  2. 2
    Shirah Penn

    I am enjoying reading and rereading your beautiful book. I am looking forward to getting together with you soon. Love gramma Shirah

  3. 3


    You sure have it right and what a wonderful thing for you to inspire others like you do! Isn’t the power of our minds and thoughts an incredible thing, especially when we use them in the right way. It can be difficult to stay positive all the time, but, one must be conscious of the types of thoughts that try to invade our minds, and simply not let the negative in… but it must be consciously monitored is what I’ve found. We are what we think and we create what we believe and dream. It’s the “Law of Attraction” as you well know. People think about what they want and attract more of the same… but, if we think about what we don’t want, we also attract more of that. We must consciously be aware of what we think about and be positive.

    Peace and love to you always!



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