Bella Sandwich & Smile Project

A little break from my series on Lessons on Overcoming the Avalanche of Challenges Video Blog Series… I should have #5 up next week. It will be on taking baby steps to help to start creating that momentum we all need!

But take a look, this is important! Start with doing whatever you can… Now. It matters!

I started doing this a few years ago & only recently decided to let others know about it. I did it because I cared, not to get recognition. Now I realize that by sharing the idea, I can inspire you to do it or something similar in your community too!

Bella Sandwich & Smile Project:

1. Buy a loaf of bread & 2 packages of lunch meat.

2. Make 10 sandwiches & hand out to the homeless people in your community with your beautiful smile

3. Give your love unconditionally.

4. Do as often as you are able to.

5. Let these people know that they are not forgotten, that they matter, that you care & that you have love to give.

6. Bring home an empty bag & a full heart.

Cost =$10, Value = Priceless…

Many of these people are really mentally unwell & some are truly just down on their luck. Regardless, when in a situation like that, everyone needs a helping hand & to know that people haven’t forgotten about them… We are all human & we all fall sometimes. And in those times, it’s so crucial to have help getting back up. We are all connected through the energy that we share in our universe.

I do this is because I care & it breaks my heart to see some of these people looking through the garbage for food. So I do what I can as often as I can. One day I will do more.

Do whatever you can in your community & our universe…

We all want to do such big things to make the world a better place. I just want to remind everyone that we can start small… with whatever we can do. Just start with something… it counts. It matters now. Don’t wait. Do what you can.


Small Acts of Kindness = Huge Contributions to Humanity

& the Energy in Our Universe.

Love & Light,

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