Who Is the Boss of Your Mind?

Here’s Video Blog # 4 from my series

“An Avalanche of Challenges… Lessons Confirmed From My Doozie of a Week!!”

Here is the next Valuable Lesson that I want to share with you:

Sometimes we get stuck in our challenges. This is the 3rd important step to get unstuck:

You tell your mind YOU are the boss!

(More goodies later, so come back soon for the rest of the valuable lessons! All on helping you to get unstuck when you’re facing challenges!)

Bella Lessons for the Day:

I know sometimes you may think to yourself, how can she be so freakin’ positive all the time? And some mornings you wake up and are just not feeling it & the last thing you want to hear is that rah, rah, rah stuff. I know that we all have those days when our mind just doesn’t want to listen. I understand. This is when you absolutely CAN NOT let your mind take over – YOU TELL YOUR MIND WHO THE BOSS IS – YOU ARE!

1. Like I suggested in Blog # 1 from this series, you may occasionally need a breather. If you have taken that and are now stuck, read on.

2. Those times when you are not feeling your normal positive self, you have to create the energy… ESPECIALLY when you’re not in the mood!

3. Instead of hitting the snooze button in the morning, even while still in bed, start telling yourself how you want to feel & be that day. Ex: I am happy, I am peaceful, I am loving, I am healthy, I am prosperous, I AM POWERFUL! Etc. Over & over again for a few minutes.

4. Your nonconscious mind does not know the difference between reality & the truth VS. what is not real & true YET. So when you start to tell yourself these things, you will start to feel, react & actually BE this way. You change your whole energy patterns & you’ll automatically start doing the things you need to do. You may need to do it throughout the day too if you find your mind slipping in the wrong direction. YOU TELL YOUR MIND WHO THE BOSS IS & WHAT YOU WANT IT TO THINK!

5. Basically, you’re reconditioning your mind. And when you do it enough, it becomes a habit & a way of being & REAL in your life.

6. So whenever, you’re feeling like, “Yeah right, positive, rah, rah, rah… whatever…” MAKE YOURSELF DO THE ABOVE – IT WORKS!!

See you next time my beautiful friends! Lots more to come soon! Make it a bella day!! It’s your choice everyday!!! And let me know how this works for you. I swear, it has definitely worked for me MANY TIMES! Leave me a comment please.

Love & Light,

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