Are You Too Busy Punishing Yourself?

Here’s Video Blog # 3 from my series

“An Avalanche of Challenges… Lessons Confirmed From My Doozie of a Week!!”

Here is the next Valuable Lesson that I want to share with you:

Sometimes we get stuck in our challenges. This is the 2nd important step to get unstuck:

Stop punishing yourself!!

(More goodies later, so come back soon for the rest of the valuable lessons! All on helping you to get unstuck when you’re facing challenges!)

Bella Lessons for the Day:

Sometimes things will not go exactly as we’ve planned. And then often we get stuck in our challenges because we get too busy punishing ourselves. When you’re busy punishing yourself, you are not really left powerful to move forward & overcome your challenges because you don’t feel good about who you are or what you can do. It takes your power away!

These are the steps that really helped me to stop punishing myself in the past. I am an EXPERT on getting out of this! Next time you start to punish yourself, use these important steps to help you to stop punishing yourself, so you can move forward!

1. Accept it: What has happened has already happened. No use thinking “woulda, coulda, shoulda”! Get out of the past & into the present moment where you have power!

My new favorite saying: “IT is what IT is… Until you decide to do something about IT!” ~ I came up with that! Do you like it? What I mean is yes, the past is the past, but it’s what you do NOW & NEXT that really matters… this is what will determine your future.

2. Find the lesson to be learned: When you can learn from a mistake, it will help you to overcome the challenge. Plus, it helps to make it all feel worth it! So look for the benefit you are receiving. Remember, it’s happening FOR you not TO you ~ happening to teach you very valuable lessons!

3. Make amends or find the solution: Do the right thing now. What is the best solution? Make a plan. Do the best that you can do. Be the best YOU that YOU can be. Don’t compare, don’t be anyone else, be YOU – just be the best YOU!

4. Forgive yourself: Really, it’s ok. You must remember to be your own best friend. A true friend doesn’t continue to punish. So yes, forgive yourself now. Be kind, compassionate & loving to yourself.

5. Let it go: You can’t feel good about yourself until you’ve let go of whatever you’re feeling bad about. Release it forever & create that space to feel good again. So really, THE PUNISHMENT STOPS HERE. CUT IT OUT!

See you next time my superstars! And let me know if these steps work for you… they definitely work for me. Plus the other stuff I do… lots more to come soon! I’m here to help & support you!!

Love & Light,

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