Are You In Control of Your Thoughts?

Here’s Video Blog # 2 from my series

“An Avalanche of Challenges… Lessons Confirmed From My Doozie of a Week!!”

Here is the next Valuable Lesson that I want to share with you:

Sometimes we get stuck in our challenges. This is the First important step to get unstuck:

Make sure you stay conscious & aware

of your thoughts at all times!

(More goodies later this week, so come back soon for the rest of the valuable lessons! All on helping you to get unstuck when you’re facing challenges!)

Bella Lessons for the Day:

1. Challenges happen FOR us, not TO us. They happen for us in order to teach us very valuable lessons. They don’t happen to us because we are not victims – we are all extremely powerful!

2. It is very important to always remain conscious & aware of our thoughts every single day, but especially as we are experiencing challenges because we tend to be the most vulnerable then.

3. When we are vulnerable, we are more likely to go back to some very deeply rooted nonconcious ways of being from past conditioning, because these were our original defense mechanisms. (more in my book about all of this – A Bella Life)

4. Do not let your thoughts go all willy nilly on you. ;-) Keep control of them!

5. If you find your thoughts running out of control, go grab them and bring them back & point them in the right direction to empower you in moving forward.

6. You are the one who is in control of your thoughts… no one else is up there in your head!

7. I am here to help you to find that tremendous power within you so that you can create the beautiful life of your dreams!

I will see you again soon my beautiful, super powerful friends!!!!

Meanwhile, let me know:

1. Who controls your thoughts? When do they go all willy nilly on you?

2. What do you learn when you stay conscious of your thoughts?

I know you have lots of good stuff to share with us!!

Love & Light,

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4 Responses to “Are You In Control of Your Thoughts?”

  1. 1

    Great lesson Bela. And probably one of the most important, as our thoughts lead is directly into the life we will lead. Thank you!

  2. 2

    Thanks Adriana! Yes, absolutely! Our thoughts do indeed lead us exactly into the life we create. You’ve got it! Your little girl is so lucky to have a wise mommy like u! Wishing you a beautiful day my sweet friend! xoxo, Bela

  3. 3

    Another great blog ms. Bella.

    Sometimes I feel as if my thoughts are programed, to be honest with you the more I learn, the more difficult the battle of thoughts gets, right vs wrong, wise vs fool, God or evil, victim or victory, it all seems to be not real until it hits you. As you mention challenges happen 4 us but when is it enough of challenges, sure they make us wise, but who is willing to go throw a life of challenges to die wise, I’m talking when you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Life can be bad for us. I went through many things since I was a kid and sometimes the worst thing is not the challenge but the fear inside you of uncertainty and the perspective you choose to have from the challenge, it’s always harder to overcome
    anything alone. Find good people to surround yourself with. Optimistic people who are wise
    and that will make life a little easier.

    Thank you for your wisdom,

    God bless you.


  4. 4

    Hi Jacob, my friend! Yes, we struggle with our thoughts during different phases of our lives. I know you’ve had a very challenging life & I think you have become an extraordinary person through it all. I really do think you’re awesome and very wise yourself! You may just currently be going through a confusing period in your life.

    And yes, of course we are always going to have conflicts that we face – with the challenges that life brings to us & within our own thoughts. There are times when you have to stop thinking and just BE & really just do your best. My next blog will speak to that. Otherwise, you will continue to just go in circles forever. You can’t always figure everything out & that’s ok. Think the thoughts that give you the most comfort & that becomes your truth. End of story!

    And life will go more smoothly when you calm your mind. Meditation helps with this. When our minds our stormy, our lives become more stormy – it’s what we end up attracting…

    When you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, you ask for help – that will also be the topic of another blog soon. Yes, you surround yourself with good people who will reach out a helping hand to you pull you through to the light. Keep me around! I’ll always be here to help.

    And yes, fear is a huge factor… and it often lurks around even when you don’t think it’s there. That’s why we have to remain conscious of not only our thoughts but our actions & our results. If we’re not getting the results we want, we have to re-evaluate our actions – that’s when we sometimes see that maybe it’s been fear that has held us back. Once we see it, we can overcome it. It becomes a choice – you feel the fear and find the courage to go forward and do it anyways!

    I hope that helps. Maybe you weren’t looking for answers but just wanted to express yourself, but I thought I would reply to some of it anyways. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. Take care sweetie!

    Love & Abundance,


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