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I share my heart and soul to help you to create the beautiful life of your dreams. I reveal the most powerful principles, tools and techniques that have really worked in helping me to create my beautiful life. I am sure they will be instrumental to you as well in creating amazing transformations in your life & in helping you to create A Bella Life - the beautiful life of your dreams!


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My Mission

To inspire and empower people to create the beautiful lives of their dreams - passionate lives full of love, laughter, fun, happiness, peace and abundance!  

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Testimonial by Les Brown

"Author, speaker, trainer, Bela Patel Sheth poignantly reminds us in her book, A Bella Life, that our choices have the power to shape and determine our destiny. Bela painstakingly walks us through her own personal journey that has given her tremendous insight on how we too can have a bella life. As she writes, her life changing words jump out of the pages and give life to the reader. She teaches us not only how to love, live, and let live, but also how we can maximize our own potential and manifest the greatness within."

Les Brown, Motivational Speaker, Best Selling Author & Entrepreneur  

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How would you like to be living A Bella Life? A Beautiful Life - the life of your dreams: full of lots of love, having fun everyday, laughter and happiness everywhere, feeling healthy and energetic, surrounded by peace and tranquility & creating abundance and prosperity for yourself and everyone around you?

How would you like to experience both immediate and long-term transformations in the following areas: natural power to create more happiness in your life, better relationships, improved health and wellness, additional wealth and abundance and have a greater sense of inner peace?


My goal in my books, coaching programs, seminars and workshops is to help you to create all of this and more in your life RIGHT NOW! I believe that you have the power within yourself to create the beautiful life of your dreams. You just have to unlock all of your amazing potential - I will help you to find the key within you to do just that. Most of the time it is a little shift in perspective - and once you realize it, this shift of a few degrees will create massive transformations in your life. I will also assist you in identifying and overcoming the hidden obstacles that hold you back from reaching your full potential in all areas of your life. By utilizing high-impact, breakthrough processes, my clients experience incredible transformations in their lives immediately! Please allow me to help you to create the beautiful life of your dreams! I look forward to working & having fun with you!!    

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Until we meet, here are some thoughts to keep in mind...

Smile & Share Your Love - It's Free!

It doesn't cost anything to smile - so let's all do it more often. It will make you feel better as it helps to release endorphins and it will make the recipient happier too! Give the gift of a smile! Since we are all connected, let's create more positive energy out there!  So come on, don't hold back. Just smile!! See how good it makes you feel - I dare you...

"Everytime you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing." ~ Mother Teresa

Laugh More Everyday!

Laughing is one of my favorite things to do. I just love laughing! I want you to laugh as much as you can - it's fun and will make you happier.  Even when you don't think you have anything to laugh about, call that one person who always makes you laugh and laugh yourselves silly for a few minutes. Just laugh!! See how easy it is to have fun - all you have to do is create the intention!

"Everybody laughs the same in every language because laughter is a universal connection." ~ Jean Houston

Original Bella Art Is Also Now Available For Sale!


Please click on the images above and visit the galleries in the Bella Store to see a sampling of original paintings done by me! Yes, I paint too!! From CPA to speaker/author/life coach/artist extraordinaire! My creativity is just bursting out of me!!

I love my bella life!!!

20% of all Bella Art Sales will also be donated to the above charitable organizations I support! Please help me to give more to these wonderful causes!

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